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Stay right on the beach at the main break!
Surf Inn - Playa Hermosa
Close to Jaco Bay and Playa Esterillos

Older albums that are not on PicasaWeb:

  • The Last Duck - April 30, 2009. When there isn't any surf, we head for the duck pond to photograph the ducks, the egrets, and the alligators. The ducks were gone, but the alligators were still there.

  • Grills - April 30, 2009. Sunset as seen from the deck of Grills Restaurant at Port Canaveral. Wow... what a nice sunset!

  • Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica - March 2009. I shot over 3000 frames during the week I was there and posted about 425 of the best shots.

  • Slater Invitational Surf Contest - November 9, 2008. Two albums with a total of over 450 shots from the contest Sunday morning. Lots of good surfing and people-on-the-beach shots.
  • The Mary Alice Collection - October 27, 2007 - super shots from the very peak of the leave change season in Wolf Laurel, NC.
  • Cocoa Village - Jan 2, 2006. A "stroll through the village" on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly just buildings and scenery for folks that haven't been there.

  • New Smyrna and Vicinity - Dec 31, 2005. Mostly birds, the lighthouse, and unusual lighting conditions.

  • North Carolina Autumn Colors - Oct 30, 2005. We just don't see colors like this in Florida.

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